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We Are Experienced and Creative Home Stagers

Signature Staging Solutions is a residential staging company, professionally trained in preparing occupied and vacant homes for maximum market impact.

First impressions are everything and buyers are more 

sophisticated than ever. 

Our expertise in showcasing your home's best features and minimizing distractions gives your property a marketing edge.


We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Signature Staging Solutions offers complete consultation to showcasing services to ensure your home will outshine competitive listings. 

Staging helps the buyer connect emotionally to your home and to make the offer you are looking for.


Customer Confidence Guaranteed

Signature Staging Solutions provides superior customer service and a systematic approach to staging for homeowners who want to secure the most equity and sell in the shortest amount of time by appealing to the greatest number of potential buyers. 

Serving Durham, Northumberland County and Peterborough

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Signature Staging Solutions

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